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Answers to some of your questions

Q         How is Planned PEThood able to neuter my pet for such a low price?

A         Planned PEThood is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to reduce the number of animals killed in our local shelters annually, not to make a profit.  We keep overhead costs low in order to keep our prices affordable.  Donations are welcome to assist in our efforts!

Q         Will my pet be in good hands with Planned PEThood’s staff?

A         Planned PEThood employs only trained and experienced doctors and technicians.  Our veterinarians are fully licensed and receive ongoing training in the latest surgical techniques. 


Q         Will my pet experience any pain?

A         Injections to control pain and inflammation are included in the surgery price for every pet.  


Q         I don’t need to have my pet neutered.  Can I just get his shots at Planned PEThood?

A         Planned PEThood will offer vaccine and wellness clinics on the first Saturday of each month for pets that have already been altered.  These clinics are open only to pets already sterilized, or to puppies and kittens receiving their 1st set of vaccines.  Because we believe so strongly in the importance of spay/neuter, no services will be offered to pets over 4 months of age that are not sterilized.


Q         This is a great cause!  How can I help Planned PEThood?

A         Spread the word!  Let your friends and family know how much you believe in having affordable, accessible spay/neuter services.  Show your support by DONATING funds to help get the clinic open, and by VOLUNTEERING to help us keep our costs low.

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